Dr. Dennis Gross

Celebrity Makeup Artist Tips: Look Better Right Now

Supermodel Stephanie Seymour once said: Beauty is not something you can just decide that every once in a while you’re going to take part in. You have to take care of yourself.

I couldn’t agree more but sometimes life calls for taking part in queso, chocolate, and cocktails. Afterward, it is time to use a magic wand of sorts.

Want to know how many models and clients I work with who have just come from a month long stay at a meditation retreat? Not many. That doesn’t mean they don’t want to look like they have … right now.

Here are a few little tricks I’ve used that will make you look as fresh as possible, as quickly as possible.

First and foremost, there’s only so much makeup can do. It’s been said that our skin is a mirror for everything that’s happening in our bodies and minds. There’s nothing like a few deep breaths and

Now that the blood is flowing, give yourself another boost:


Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel treatment pads are mini miracle workers (start with the original formula for sensitive skin). Swipe the pad over your face and in minutes surface cells will be gone, allowing your skin to take on more moisture (the key to plump, gorgeous skin), making your concealer and foundation application a breeze.

Three Step Eyes

Step One: Brighten your eyes with the most universally flattering eyeshadow: GOLD

Step Two: Apply a wash of shadow from lash lines to brow bones.

Step Three: Add a tiny bit in the inner corners of your eyes to brighten and detract from dark circles.

If your skin is fair, try a beige-gold like Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow in Sandy Gold.



Medium to dark skin tones should opt for a warmer hue like Sephora Collection’s #81 Sunday Brunch.


Black, shiny, curled lashes are the key to, well, almost everything.

Givenchy’s Phenomen Eyes mascara has a ball-shaped brush that curls and defines every lash.


I can’t live without my Shu Uemura eyelash curler.

P.S. From Me to You...

Smith’s Rosebud Salve is a go-to in every makeup artist’s kit.

A tiny bit in the brows makes them look fresh and holds them in place with no stickiness. A touch on the cheekbones gives a nice highlight without the fussiness of glittery highlighters. Dab some on your lips and let it soak in a bit before adding your lip color.

Clear color and a semi-matte finish are what you need to complement the gold wash on your eyes.

I love Nars Satin Lip Pencils in Lodhi and Luxembourg.


Your #nofilter prep is now complete. You’re calm, glowing from within and looking so polished with that killer lip color. If you have a magic wand in your beauty arsenal (or a queso connection), please share in the comment section below.


4 Makeup Must-Haves When You Travel

Planning a trip? Let me help you pack.

Here’s the challenge… it’s hard to have that romantic “it’s all about the journey” feeling when you have to fit your beauty arsenal in a plastic sandwich bag.

Here are the things worthy of that space that will give you the biggest payoff.


You know that luminous flush on every heroine in a Jane Austen adaptation? It comes in a bottle:

RMS lip2cheek in Modest (Mr. Darcy not included. Damn.)

It looks good on everyone. Yes, everyone. Blend this all-natural formula on the apples of your cheeks, slowly building the color. Then add it to your lips. Using your fingers diffuses the edges perfectly.



Tatcha’s ORIGINAL ABURATORIGAMI blotting sheets absorb shine without disrupting your makeup.They are formulated to keep the moisture levels of your skin balanced, so you look fresh, not dry or powdery.


I’ve recommended these little lifesavers before but here’s one to add to your travel bag.

Dr. Dennis Gross alpha-beta glow pads for the face.They’re not kidding about the glow. Your complexion will get an instant boost, and the hint of color makes dark circles and any redness less noticeable. That means you’ll need less makeup.



Juicy Bamboo’s natural facial cleansing cloths are individually wrapped and biodegradable. They’re enriched with vitamins and remove every trace of makeup.

My fellow travelers, it’s about simplicity. Whether you’re going on tour or just trying to lighten the makeup bag you carry in your purse, these things will make your life easier. Try them.